The genesis of our creative content division came from our restless desire to take our own creativity and to realize it in the form of films, books, and other tangible works of art for people to experience and enjoy. Our work is inspired by our interest and expertise in special effects, theatre, film, prosthetics, design, custom fabrication, and 3D. What distinguishes us from other creative content providers?

We have an established, recognized, award-winning history in special effects, fabrication, and film. We have credibility. We have an identifiable brand that people recognize as uniquely creative with a finesse that speaks to our attention to detail.

We’ve been a creative incubator for over sixteen years. We’ve invested in the community, resulting in growing a talented base of artists and technicians. We’ve been the training ground for student interns, theatre graduates entering a competitive job market, special effects make-up artists seeking employment, sculptors and props-maker, hobbyists who want to learn how to do the effects they’ve seen in the movies, and those who simply want to be part of a creative company. We’re the company that people approach when they want to learn from the best.

We’ve shown we can do it. Our first project – the award-winning short film Skeleton Girl – had us learning stereoscopic 3D and stop motion animation. We broke new ground; Skeleton Girl was Canada’s first combined stereoscopic 3D stop motion animated short film. Called “a creative and technical accomplishment on multiple levels”, it premiered in New York at Be Film, The Underground Film Festival where it won “Best First 3D Film”. It was selected as one of the top short films in Canada, participating in CBC’s 2013 Short Film Face Off, one of only 9 nation-wide, and it screened at film festivals around the world, including the renowned San Diego Comic Con. This told us that there’s a demand for what we’re doing, and we can compete with the world’s best.

We’re innovative. Turns out we were being innovative without even knowing it when we created Skeleton Girl. We didn’t know at the time that we were the first Canadian company to be shooting in stereoscopic 3D and stop motion animation. Why was that? Well, we were too busy doing the work and learning to even have an inkling of that. And because being innovative is something that is a part of our DNA; we’re not interested in the status quo. We want to break new ground. We’ve taken lots of risks and as painful as that can be sometimes, we want to push the envelope and do new and interesting things, for ourselves and for our clients.


Check out Skeleton Girl on our You Tube channel here as well as our 3D stop motion animation The River, to The Arrogant Worms’ song River of Snot. Visit the www.twistedstories.com website for more information on Skeleton Girl and Mary and The Looking Glass. Watch The Hunt ?to see our first full creature design.


We have a number of projects in development and are currently in production for our Twisted Tales for Demented Children trailer, to be released shortly.


Follow us, friend us, share the word, tell us what you think. We’re on almost all social media where you’ll get updates and the latest news on our activities; just click on the social media icons on our home page to find out more. If you’re interesting in supporting our work through financing opportunities or anything else related to our projects please contact Becky Scott at becky@bleedingartindustries.com.


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